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Daily Economic Update

September 1st, 2015

This morning when I was watching the business news I noticed the bank Citigroup was trading at $51 a share. It reminded me of years ago I made a nice profit selling Citigroup at $51 a share. This is a dangerous correlation that people who buy stock on little information make this correlation and would sell Citigroup based on the $51 share price. The problem is the correlation has nothing to do with the $51 share price years ago. A real investor would have to know many things such as the current earnings the cash flow the current debt a company has and many many more things. 

So while I know I had that feeling of "gee if I had Citigroup now I would sell it because I made money off of it before selling at $51", I immediately came back to the realization that stocks are small pieces of large companies and a investor must know the financial fundamentals of a stock before making a buy or sell decision.