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Daily Economic Update

October 17th, 2014

Housing starts came in higher than expected today coming in at an annual rate of 1.017 million units up from last months 0.956 million annual units. Housing starts in September climb 6.3% after the 12.8% drop in August. Another good sign was building permits also increased 1.5% in September after a 5.1% drop in August.

Consumer sentiment was also released this morning and help compelled the stock market higher coming in at 86.4 far surpassing the estimate of 84.4 and the prior month of 84.6. The expectation component rose three points and optimism In jobs and income prospects still held steady.

The federal reserve doves could now become concerned because the affect of low gas prices will reduce inflation and perhaps cause deflation. What I hope they will realize is that the decline in gas prices is not a long-term trend but I short-term decline in the fluctuation of oil prices.