Helpful Questions to Ask an Advisor


1. Are you registered as an investment advisor?

Yes, Wilsey Asset Management is an SEC registered firm.

2. How will I pay for your services?

Compensation is paid on a percentage basis and is based on the account value. Fee-based only, no sales commissions or back end charges. The financial planning service is fee-based, the fee varies depending on the complexity and time commitment necessary to provide the service.

3. What experience do you have?

I worked my way through college as an accountant at Food Maker, the parent company of Jack in the Box (NYSE: JBX). I graduated with my MBA from National University and started a small practice managing taxes and money. After being recruited by Great American Bank to manage money for their clients, I worked as an LPL Financial advisor and formed my firm, Wilsey Asset Management in 2006. I have hosted the "Smart Investing" radio show on 760AM-KFMB for over 18 years. I wrote a weekly financial column for the San Diego Daily Transcript, and have converted this to the weekly Smart Investing Newsletter. I have also appeared as a guest financial commentator on local and national broadcast news stations such as CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, and Fox Business.

4. What services do you offer?

We offer investment services for both Individually managed accounts & business accounts. This includes retirement and non-retirement money. We also offer fee-based financial planning to help clients make efficient financial decisions to assist them to achieve their goals.

5. What is your approach to financial planning and investing?

Our investment approach is based on finding good quality investments at a fair price. We do not like to trade in and out of stocks as this is often favorable for Wall Street and costly to investors. We instead like to take a Warren Buffet type approach and hold companies until they become overvalued. Our financial planning approach begins with understanding a client’s values and goals. By discovering what is most important to the client, we can make appropriate recommendations to be sure all financial decisions are aligned with their values and goals. This approach is strictly constructed to assist clients navigate through the difficult decisions facing them in terms of personal finance; it is not a sales tool for generating commissions. Through the process, retirement and Social Security, all types of insurance, tax planning, debt planning, education planning, cash-flow management, and legacy planning to be certain the client’s financial house remains in order.

6. Can you provide three references?

Yes, upon request.

7. How often will we interact?

As often as you would like. Wilsey Asset Management hosts quarterly events for our clients, rotating brunch & dinner events, to keep you updated and informed on the investments in the portfolio. Wilsey Asset Management also has a policy to respond to client inquiries and questions within a 24-hour window.

8. Is there anything in your regulatory record that I should know about?

Our record is completely clean with not one complaint. This is a rare occurrence in the financial industry.



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